I would like to start this blog telling you about an old tale regarding the birth of the Merletto, the white delicate lace made in Burano...

"Burano. Island of fishermen. A few years ago.
The moon shines in the clear sky and a fisherman ripples peacefully in the lagoon. It is an evening like many others and the young man is about to begin his fishing trip. Still unaware of what will happen to him shortly, he stops and prepares meticulously all the "tools" of the trade. Turning his thoughts to his future bride, the man casts his nets in the hope of witnessing an abundant fishing. Something suddenly stops his body. He is enchanted by sounds he has never heard before: it is the persuasive and calm song of the mermaids. They are there and now he sees them. They are fascinating. The temptation to abandon oneself to their soft singing is strong but in the fisherman's mind the image of his great love is impressed as strongly. This gives him the strength to resist and to resume his work undeterred.
The man's reaction surprises the mermaids but mostly affects the Queen of all the Seas. Never before has she witnessed such an act of loyalty and decides to reward the fisherman by handing him the most beautiful wedding veil ever seen to be given to his bride. At that point the mermaids, with a stroke of the tail, raise from the water a white foam that in a flash turns into a very valuable fabric.
The wedding day soon arrives and the bride receives as a gift from her beloved the veil created by the mermaids. The beauty of the woman stands out like never before and attracts the envy and admiration of the young women of the island. These, surprised by so much charm, immediately set to work trying to imitate the lace brought so gracefully by the bride. This is how the story of the Burano Lace began."