Don'' t possess a profile? law and order russian brides & Order law and order russian brides & Order: SVU Wrongdoer Intent Hearing through Jury law and order russian brides & Order: UK law and order russian brides & Order: LA . Various other launches. Latest article. Thugs, Con Artists, Murderers,. SVU Characters. Unmarked Criminals. FamilyAnna (little girl; died). Opening Night" Russian Brides". Final Appearance" Rhodium Nights" (photo simply). Lena is actually a female that received interacted to males trying to find mail-order brides and afterwards, alongside her companion Liev Bodrov, claimed to become abducted and gotten rid of to obtain amount of money.


Four years previously, Lena had actually a child called Anna, that was actually abducted. After the kidnapping, she obtained a participant of the Russian crowd called Liev Bodrov to assist locate her. Eventually, Anna was actually eliminated, yet Liev later on took care of to eliminate the snatchers. She after that started partnering with him to cheat alone males searching for mail-order russianbride . While doing so, Liev eliminated 3 of his woman of the streets. One guy she at some point complied with, called Daniel, was actually likewise trying to find a better half. They received involved on a mail-order bride-to-be site. After their involvement celebration in Russia, they pertained to New York, where Liev acted to abduct her, and they obtained ransom loan coming from Daniel. Liev after that eliminated among his whores to create it feel like Lena was actually killed. When the woman of the street's body system is actually located, the SVU investigators ultimately discover Daniel and he informs all of them that Lena was actually abducted.


Donald Cragen goes covert as a possible target and fulfills Lena, that is actually utilizing the pen names of Irene. When they go upstairs, Cragen shows that he is actually, which induces Lene to make an effort to manage, yet she is actually recorded due to the various other investigators and they uncover her accurate identification. Lena at that point is untruthful that Liev is actually keeping her little girl captive to oblige her to swindle their sufferers. Lena and Cragen after that profess to happen a time if you want to entice Liev out, which leads to Liev being actually fired to fatality due to the investigatives. Lena after that leads the investigatives to a safe-house where she states her child is actually being actually kept. While they invade your home, Lena fires among the police officers lifeless to get away from, however she is actually recorded and ultimately sent to prison. (SVU: "Russian law and order russian brides ")


This is actually a summation of my beloved Primetime TELEVISION Drama, law and order russian brides & & Order SVU, Season thirteen, opening on NBC, Wednesday, 10pm EST . Here,,,,,,,,,,,,, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here. If you like the summations, do not hesitate to leave behind a remark. If you wear'' t like the summations, do not hesitate to leave behind a review in any case. I adore to dish law and order russian brides & & Order along with fellow SVU enthusiasts. For even more law and order russian brides & & Order SVU, explore my subdomainhttp:// tiger-mom.

" Russian Brides".

Original Air Date: Nov 9, 2011

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Caitlin- Associate Staff Writer

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I commonly experience just how little bit of our company view of Munch on SVU at presents, however if there is actually any person that nearly certainly never receives a story, it is actually Cragen. Tonight, nonetheless, our experts come to view our courageous leader go covert.

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A woman runs away coming from a guy that looks a pander. He gets her and our team do not observe what occurs till a physical body cranks up responsible for a roll-on. Her skin has actually been actually exterminated, her pearly whites have actually been actually drawn, and her fingertips are actually gone. Ow.

The investigators can not identify where the lady originated from. It is actually identified she was actually eliminated on a seaside- one particularly that is actually prominent along with Russians. They make an effort to track her down through her tattoo design and eventually discover the prey, Lena, was actually merely involved. Scar pities the fiancé, Daniel, though Olivia typically feels him. Fin and Amanda head to take him in, yet he is actually gone. They track him using telephone call to a slide carousel. He is actually hysterically trying to find Lena, having actually spent a ransom money for her without recognizing she is actually lifeless.

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Daniel fulfilled Lena with some of those traditional net start-ups, yet they appeared really crazy. He mentions she possessed an offensive ex-boyfriend and explains exactly how Lena was actually abducted through males that informed him to pay for $10,000 for her lifestyle. Video recordings of Daniel and her with each other reveal a guy taking pictures of her. They ultimately find an individual that is actually along with the Russian crowd. After making certain his discretion will definitely be actually secured, he mentions Lena's fatality and those of many various other ladies are actually connected to one guy, Liev, that is actually branded all of them all along with a design.

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Daniel, in the meantime, has actually been actually performing some research study of his very own. He currently points out Lena lives, impersonating a female on a dating internet site. Cragen makes a decision go covert on a day along with her. The youthful fellas are actually all skeptical regarding his possibility of results, however he understands what he is actually performing. He says to Here,,,,,,,,,,,,, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here. "Irene" that he works with a little ones's civil rights association and gets her sympathy through claiming he is actually a widower that was actually never ever capable to possess little ones after a losing the unborn baby. He very soon receives her to find to his lodging area, yet she ends up being questionable and makes an effort to operate. When she is actually jailed, she advocates his aid.

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Cragen is actually shreded over being actually discovered. Lena states she possesses a little girl that is actually been actually taken through Liev. She was actually allegedly managing shams on abundant guys along with him and recognizes of the woman of the streets he is actually gotten rid of. She illustrates him keeping her little girl versus her, concealing the gal and endangering her lifestyle. Her tale in the beginning looks into, however she does not wish to demonstrate. They make a decision to maintain working as with the hoax resides in area. She and Cragen happen one more artificial day to extend Liev, however when they find yourself capturing and eliminating their suspect, Lena is actually distressed her child will definitely be actually killed through his guys.


A telephone call delivers every person to a meeting point in between Liev and his guys. They deliver a newbie police officer to see her in the automobile, and the investigators enter our home to attempt and conserve the lady. Yet she is actually no place to become viewed. Just before our company may operate traits out, a try is actually listened to. The youthful police officer is actually lifeless, fired through Lena, that gets on the operate. They handle to capture to her, however Cragen is actually daunted through her noticeable honor in deceiving all of them all. He remains to be actually had an effect on through it after Daniel stays in rejection over the fact concerning the female he liked.

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This isn't the very first time our team've observed the Russian crowd, yet, as for I recognize, it is actually the very first time our experts've observed an intended prey of the crowd really be actually the one scamming every person. It is actually additionally the very first incident in an although where I truly delighted in and really felt drawn in due to the "twistedness" of a plotline. I'll confess to having actually been actually deceived through Lena right till completion on my own. As Liv mentioned, she was actually great at what she carried out. I will as if to find additional unpleasant surprise ends like these over those where the authentic story fades away midway with the incident.

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As I pointed out, portion of it was in fact coming to observe Cragen carry out much more than he invites years. I wish this is actually an indicator the authors consider offering additional product to those that've been actually being without in it. * coughing * Munch * hack * I sort of hate to always keep delivering upElliot, however I actually am actually startled through exactly how utilized I am actually coming to be to his lack. I am actually asing if and doing not like around as lots of incidents this time as I invite any kind of previous one. Upcoming full week appears really good, also. Below is actually to carried on excellence- and image of that in the rankings.

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