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Cyclophosphamide commercially available as cytoxan , methotrexate commercially available as rheumatrex and trexal , tamoxifen citrate commercially available as nolvadex , and anastrozole commercially available as arimidex ; anti-coagulants, such as aspirin with extended-release dipyridamole commercially available as aggrenox , warfarin sodium commercially available as coumadin , dipyridamole commercially available as persantine , dalteparin commercially available as fragmin , danaparoid commercially available as orgaran , enoxaparin commercially available as lovenox , heparin commercially available as hep-lock, hep-pak, hep-pak cvc, heparin lock flush , tinzaparin commercially available as innohep , and where to buy vermox tablets. clopidogrel bisulfate commercially available as plavix ; antiemetics, such as granisetron hydrochloride.

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